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Crypto mining is the process of using computer hardware — in this case, graphics cards, to solve complex problems in order to verify digital transactions and in turn, be rewarded with cryptocurrency.

Paper money is printed and distributed through a centralized network. Cryptocurrency doesn’t have a central body controlling it. Instead, miners use special software to solve math problems and are issued a certain amount of cryptocurrency in exchange. This provides a smart way to issue the currency. This also creates an incentive for more people to mine and since miners are required to approve all transactions, more miners means a more secure network.

In the early days, miners solved these math problems with processors and their computers. Soon miners discovered that graphics cards used for gaming were much better suited to this kind of work because they are much faster.


We have partnered with experts in the field of cryptocurrency mining to allow you the opportunity to simply and easily participate in crypto mining, but rather than worrying about the upkeep and maintenance of the equipment, let the experts run it!

Our CRYPTO Mining packs provide you with your own mining graphics card(s) as well as use of the hardware, installation, maintenance, firmware optimization and energy costs. We utilize the newest, top of the line equipment located at facilities in Romania and Iceland.


Our equipment can be used to mine various cryptocurrency coins such as Ethereum, Dash or Monero. Our experts determine the most cost effective coins to mine. Mining begins within 14 business days of contract and payment completion and you’ll receive coin payouts from the mining production for the lifetime of the equipment (minimum of 1,000 days) which are paid into your personal crypto wallet (eg. CoinBase).


We offer a few CRYPTO Mining packs to choose from:

  • • Generator Pack - $599.99
  • • Business Pack - $1099.99
  • • Executive Pack - $2599.99
  • • Premier Pack - $5099.99